Sushi can't get any more authentic than.... from JAPAN!


Scheduling was in somewhat of a "pickle" and was in need of some flight attendants to quickly crew a trip they had from Rockford to Anchorage to Japan... ASAP. Philippe and I happened to BOTH be on our off days, so they called on us to help. They needed us to work a trip to Anchorage, Alaska, then onto Japan. Neither one of us had ever been to Japan, so we jumped at the opportunity. The thing is, Crew Scheduling KNOWS that we are willing and able to do any trip they need two flight attendants to do at any time. Why they don't "use" us more together is beyond me. This is a Photo-Journal of our trip to Japan and Alaska... Enjoy!

Lunch at an authentic Japanese restaurant... Sapporo Beer in hand!

Tuna Sashimi- delicious!

You can't fool the locals here! We had the best sushi around.

Sushi on a conveyor belt... we have to find a place like this around here!

Japanese McDonald's!

Authentic Kimonos... beautiful! And so expensive!

I blend in, don't I? I look like a true Japanese woman.

Japanese sunset! Beautiful!
Til Next Time....
-Lisa :-)


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