Sushi can't get any more authentic than.... from JAPAN!


Scheduling was in somewhat of a "pickle" and was in need of some flight attendants to quickly crew a trip they had from Rockford to Anchorage to Japan... ASAP. Philippe and I happened to BOTH be on our off days, so they called on us to help. They needed us to work a trip to Anchorage, Alaska, then onto Japan. Neither one of us had ever been to Japan, so we jumped at the opportunity. The thing is, Crew Scheduling KNOWS that we are willing and able to do any trip they need two flight attendants to do at any time. Why they don't "use" us more together is beyond me. This is a Photo-Journal of our trip to Japan and Alaska... Enjoy!

Lunch at an authentic Japanese restaurant... Sapporo Beer in hand!

Tuna Sashimi- delicious!

You can't fool the locals here! We had the best sushi around.

Sushi on a conveyor belt... we have to find a place like this around here!

Japanese McDonald's!

Authentic Kimonos... beautiful! And so expensive!

I blend in, don't I? I look like a true Japanese woman.

Japanese sunset! Beautiful!
Til Next Time....
-Lisa :-)


Update: Thanksgiving plans and a Montana layover

I have pictures from an awesome Japan-Alaska trip I was lucky enough to be on that I can't wait to upload soon. Also- on our coveted days off- I took Philippe to Manhattan to see his Dad for a surprise trip he had no idea about! I can't wait to post pictures. Anyway- I love checking back and seeing that more people are looking at FiveCabinChecks again- makes me want to update more. On an unrelated note- an old friend from years ago, Catherine, is starting with Ryan next week because of what she read of my adventures on my blog. This makes me SO happy. Welcome, Catherine! Her questions about the job really make me realize how lucky I am. This is the most wonderful job in the world. I'm busy getting house ready for Thanksgiving on Thursday- Philippe and I are hosting it for the first time. I've recently become obsessed with 'Rachael Ray' magazines and 'Better Homes and Gardens'... our 2 bedroom River Suite is looking pretty great because of it! I have 2 more days off before I fly out again on Friday morning doing a Marshall flight to Montana. I have a feeling I may be able to update then on my 30 hour layover- unless I find twiddling my thumbs is more exciting. I love you, readers! Thank you for getting me back to writing!

-Lisa :-)


A Lovely Afternoon in Leipzig

The sunset in Leipzig is one of my favorite things to catch on lazy afternoons. On this particular day, I decided to run out and get a shot of me in the beautiful afternoon sun!

And, I of course asked for some help... :-)
We have so much fun together!
-Lisa :-)

Lucky in Love: Traveling Together this summer

Sushi + wifi everywhere!

"Spaghetti ice cream" in Ramstein, Germany... just in the SHAPE of spaghetti. Doesn't taste like it at all. :-)

Crew members out for a treat after a long duty day... Philippe, Angela, Shelly, and Cortney.

Winding down in our hotel room after a long day.

The summers are beautiful in Ramstein, Germany!

Love these gardens!

Beautiful flowers in Ramstein, Germany.

Love our German vacations.

Decided to grow my hair out for a flight... you like??? ;-)

Our home away from home... shopping at the mall in Leipzig. :-)

Downtown Leipzig Train Station.

"The Last Supper"... ready to leave after an 18 day trip... we pooled together our food and had a buffet! BEAUTIFUL!!

The man loves his bread (+ cheese!)

Love our summer days off... can you see the wine or does it blend in with the shirt?? :-)

This is our new plane. The BOEIN 767.

German goulash, chili, wine, and all of the above!

Shopping downtown... love these teapots!

Caffe on the way downtown...

St. Nikolai Church


Playing with trains! He loved it!

Mini cars in Europe: as common as French men.



-Lisa :-)

A Day in Downtown Leipzig

Even in Germany we get caught in the rain...

Lunch in the square of Leipzig with Danny boy...

Brats in Leipzig!

Euro-girl. LOVE Germany!

Such a perfect day!

-Lisa :-)

Why I want to FLY.

An excerpt from the fantastic book I found randomly on amazon.com... "Flying by the Seat of my Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer"...

On why Marsha Marks wanted to be a flight attendant, and really... why we ALL do...

Her friend, Janie, took the time to talk with her out loud about her dreams to try and find out what she ultimately wanted to be "when she grew up". (Don't we all say that?) This is what they came up with...

"Marsha, let's pretend. Let's say you could choose ANY job you want. Not the ones you've been applying for, but any job. Any job in the world. Describe to me what that job would be like."

"Travel. And lots of it," I said immediately. I love pretending.

Janie was writing down everything I said, so I continued, "And I wouldn't have to pay for the tickets or the hotel or the food." I was on a roll. "And I'd have no responsibilities once I got to the destination. I mean, this would not be traveling to corporate meetings. I'd be on my own to be a tourist when I got to the destinations."

"Where do you want to travel?" said Janie.

"Everywhere. London, Madrid, Rome, New York, San Diego."

"And," Janie prompted, "what else? Come on, we're dreaming here."

"I wouldn't be forced to do any paper-type work: no reports to write, no resumes to review, just a job I would never take home with me, like being a waitress- only for more money. And it needs to have some glamour. And (editor's note: this is my favorite part) I don't want to work for more than fifteen days a month and still make enough to live on." (This part sounds so unrealistic, but in our profession, it's the norm. I can't imagine going back to anything BUT having a stretch of days off after you're working such long days in a row...)

"I'd have tons of time off to write the great American novel. And I'd get to meet lots of interesting people, and I'd never have to work with the same people over and over, and- "

Janie interrupted me. "It's what I thought," she said. "You need to be a flight attendant. It's the only job for you."

"But I have no idea how to get hired for that job!", I said. And I didn't.

None of us did! But look at us now...

-Lisa :-)


The "Side Streets" and Beaches of Thailand

Hello again!!!

I am 'slowly but surely' sifting through the hundreds of pictures I took while in Thailand, and figuring out which ones I want to post!! Here is another collection of photos I took on the third day we were in Thailand. It was a little cloudier, as you can see, but it was still so hot and humid. Temperatures were in the 90's, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds without the scorching sun. It still called for bathing suits, coverups, and no makeup for me!! Just how I like it!!

People in Thailand LOVE their bikes!! These bikes are for rent all over, and there are always two (if not three) people riding on each one! Hahaha.. so dangerous. (Don't worry, Mama & Daddy... I didn't DARE get on one... Ha!)

These 'side streets' were steps from the hotel... coming down the opposite direction from where we were the evening we went for our authentic Thai dinner. Still lots of girls...
THIS one was too funny... "LISA Bar..."

I love how everyone carried their goods on these hanging baskets and sticks!! These were typically the "street vendors" that would stop for anyone that may have been looking for something.

You can find cheap t-shirts, dresses, and flip flops everywhere you go. I MAY or MAY NOT have picked up a couple t-shirts, bargained with the vendor, and gotten away with a 3 for $9 deal. :-)

Shrines everywhere, too!!!

Fresh flower leis... Thailand style???
Posing for a pic with Philippe on the Gulf of Thailand.
We had to stop for some sort of refreshment! "Singha Beer"... Thailand's local beer that is SO good! 1 Can: $1. What a great afternoon treat!

We people-watched for about an hour on this street... with a huge fan cooling us down from overhead the entire time!! No other way would we have been comfortable sitting in the heat!!!

An afternoon snooze...

I tried uploading this picture 3 times, and for some reason it kept coming up sideways!!! Hahaha... anyway, this is a huge crab we found on the beach. There were holes in the sand everywhere we stepped! So cool!! They sure were shy little creatures... surprised we found this one.

I LOVE Pattaya. We stayed in such a great location!!!!

Me standing in the low tide on the Gulf of Thailand.

Anchors Ashore!

Heading back to the hotel after a long day...

Ready for our next "Adventure"?????


-Lisa :-)